About Me

Recently relocated to Branson, Missouri from the Pacific Northwest.

Educated at COCC in Bend, Oregon where I completed an extensive two year program in Massage Therapy with a full spectrum in Applied Sciences. This includes Kinesiology, Pathology, Plant Science, Nutrition, as well as advanced training in multiple therapeutic massage modalities.

I chose to become a Massage Therapist ten years ago after suffering injuries sustained from multiple car accidents. Not wanting to remain on medications or have surgery, I opted for physical therapy and deeply therapeutic massage therapy. While it was a long two year road to full recovery, the impact of my experience led me to my current path as a facilitator in holistic therapies. It is my continuing hope to help others recover from injury, reduce stress and pain, and encourage overall improvement in functionality and well being.

Whether you are seeking a rehabilitative plan or simply need to find more relaxation in your life, massage therapy can make all the difference!